Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sontarans Part 1

Got some of the Starguard Heavy Power Armor from Leading Edge Games' Living Steel line as part of an ebay auction.
I intend to try to convert them into Sontaran Troopers for Doctor Who.

Here are the figures after I've ground off all the straps, belts & pouches, & modified the guns a little. Since I ended up grinding away a good portion of some of the figures' legs, I added some putty to make them not look quite so spindly.

Next I'll build up their helmets with more putty to get the dome like shape of the Sontarans, & for those that I've ground off all chest detailing (like the 1st in the top row) I may try to put another layer of putty down to re-engrave new detail to match the rest.

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