Thursday, July 5, 2007

Storming the beaches of Norse-mandy - Intro

I'm participating in a Warhammer Fantasy Battle campaign using the Lustria campaign rules. In the 1st turn, I battled Maksim who is running Vampire Counts (see a battle account from different players in the campaign on his blog). He was the defender in the Get Off My Land scenario from the Conquest of the New World suppliment to Lustria. Basically, the further your units make it across the board, the more victory points you get, in addition to the stardard points.

My army uses the Beastman list, but it's a Norse army. So, the Beastmen are Vikings, Bestigors are Valkyries, Minotaurs are Giant Werewolves & Werebears, etc. & I'm using more of the historical Norse mythology for them, instead of the Warhammer Norscan setting.

Hope you enjoy. I know there'll be more stories to come. Oh, & sorry this is so text heavy, I didn't have time to add pictures just yet.
Black Cavalier

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