Thursday, July 5, 2007

Storming the beaches of Norse-mandy - Wrap Up

Great game & even greater thanks to Maksim for patience & being a great person to game with. We made it through the 1st of the 2 combats in my half (the 1st half) of turn 5. Looking at what could have happened, there was really only a few more of my units that he could have wiped out & then he would have advanced 2 of his blocks unopposed, possibly to the next range band for scenario victory points. But I also had some unengaged units that probably could have advanced further too. So, it could have been a much closer point difference, but we agreed I would have still come out on top.

The Extreme Humidity event was supposed to affect all 5+ armor units, but I figured it shouldn't affect undead, & since it would mean his Grave Guard would only move 3" a turn, suggested he skip it.

The key to my victory was my ability to make an incredible number of Rally & Fear check rolls. I think out of 10+ rolls, I only failed 2- 3 of them. The other key was that even though Maks' units would auto-break me because of their size & fear, he tended to roll pretty bad for combat. His WS8 heroes were particularly wimpy.

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