Monday, February 12, 2007

XZH End Game

At the point where I could hardly talk any more, I finally decided to arbitrarily end the game after 3 more turns. One of the veteran hunters was able to amass a good amount of money by doing several of their plugs in front of their sponsor's billboard. But the marathon running Redneck team ended up getting a couple of dropcases with 2 $1000 plugs & winning the prize for the most money earned. Another one of the veteran hunters won the prize for the most zombies killed, I think 20+. Everyone seemed to have a blast, with a number of people asking for info on the game. I had used the "I [chainsaw] Zombies" type graphics to make buttons that I handed out to all the players. Unfortunately, I hadn't thought enough ahead & didn't really have prizes for the 2 winners, so gave them each a zombie in honor of their heroic efforts.

Overall, other than the confusion of trying to come up with extra characters players, & the standard confusion inherent in running a convention game, I thought it went very well. After implemented the split hunter/zombie move idea, the game went very smoothly, & the players actually ran it themselves, resolving combat & firing, & only really coming to me when there they had a rules question or dispute. The only big mistake I made was how I handled which hunter the zombies would attack. I think I misinterpreted the rules & said that a zombie will continue to chase a hunter, even if the zombies lost Line of Sight. This made for a huge zombie conga-line as one hunter ran all over the board hoping other hunters would pick zombies off the end. I think the rules state the zombies will stop chasing a hunter if it looses LOS to the hunter & gets out of the hunter's brain radius, or if the hunter gets more than X" away & isn't attacking it.

I'll probably be running it at Conquest Sacramento on Apr 13-15 if I don't come up with something else. So, come try it out if you're in the area.

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