Friday, February 2, 2007

Way too many players

The night before my game, I checked the signup sheet. 2-3 people had signed up, so I knew I'd at least have someone playing. The next morning I set up the board as people showed up. First the expected 2-3 people showed up, then another, then another. "Cool", I thought, "I'll have a full game." Then 2 more showed up, I was already over my character limit by 1. Then a con volunteer brought me the sign up sheet. !9! people had signed up. & 3 other people had shown up asking if they could play. A total of 12 people. I had to scramble to try to get them all characters. Luckily, the wife of a husband & wife team wasn't terribly interested & said she's just watch. & a father & young son ran one of the Red Neck pairs, & 2 young brothers ran the other pair. That still left me 3 characters over what I had planned for.

I ended up having to use the character I'd given the machine gun to, & tear the other 2 pre-generated characters out of the back of the rules. Once I'd gotten everyone a character, I ran through the rules. I pre-generated most of the characters, but didn't assign Attributes. The players picked which Attribute they wanted to allow a bit of customization. I had also used a graphics package to condense the character sheet down to half a sheet, pre-filling in all the info for each character, & using the other half the sheet to include the basic rules & dice mod summary. That way, each player would have everything they needed to run their character all on 1 sheet & everything was pretty much ready to go as soon as I finished reviewing the rules.

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