Friday, February 2, 2007

XZH Convention Intro

I ran a game of Xtreme Zombie Hunter at the Conquest: San Francisco convention over Labor Day 2006. XZH is by Grimey Games. As a brief intro, it is a zombie hunting game (obviously) with a twist, it's on national TV. & with TV comes corporate sponsors. So if you replace Schwartzenegger with zombies in the movie Running Man, & add NASCAR sponsorship to the hunters, you've got XZH.

The game was very well received, almost too well. The following entries are not a review of the game mechanics, but instead general musing about how I put the game together & what I learned about running it in a convention setting. A discussion of "first impressions" of the game can be found on Grimey Games' forums and a battle report can be found here (this is a 2MB PDF file & not a webpage link, so might be a bit slow on dial-up.)

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