Friday, February 2, 2007

XZH game prep

I made up characters based on a few of Hasslefree's Adventurers line & West Wind's Redneck Militia from the Road Kill line. I wanted the players to survive for most of the allotted game time since it's not too fun to drive all the way to a convention & be killed off in a game early on. So, I decided to make the hunters either veterans or run entry level characters in pairs. I gave each of the veterans (Hasslefree figs) an extra skill (one firearm, one melee) & about $2000. The entry level character pairs were created as normal, but the pair could pool their money so 1 of the pair could get something more expensive than usual.
One of the pairs would have a firearm skill & the other would have a melee skill. Since there were 4 Redneck Militia, I split them into 2 pairs. This allowed most of the characters/pairs to have access to good gun, a cheap back up gun, & a good melee weapon. Since I was basing most of the hunters on the Hasslefree figures, I gave one character an assault rifle because it matched what he was carrying & the story I made up for him (he ended up getting about $3000) in equipment. Unfortunately, in my play testing, this character was WAY too powerful so I didn't intend to run him.

Here are pictures of all the hunters.

The zombies were the Bag O Zombies from Twilight Creation's Zombies! game. Surprisingly, as small as the plastic zombies were in comparison to what my normal 25/28mm figures, the Hasslefree figures matched the zombies exactly in scale. I did modify the zombies, cutting under the arm that was cast against the body to give the zombies a bit more animation. I also hacked up some to make the Crawlers zombie type (great benefit of using soft plastic zombies). I had decided for a convention game that the "bringing friends" ability of the Howlers zombie type would just be too hard to manage, so I didn't try to make them. & the Roamers & Runners zombie types were differentiated by the color of the standing zombie bases (black vs grey). (Not a casting call for Michael Jackson's Thriller video.)

The buildings were paper building templates from Germy's free building site.

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